Kalina Kampa

When you think of a “bistro”, hardly anyone would imagine a  unique gastronomic experience from the hands of experienced chefs. Despite that, or perhaps because of that, the renown chef Mirek Kalina decided to open a space that offers unusual and modern combinations. A space where you will enjoy the interior design of a modern bistro and a breathtaking view of the Charles Bridge that offers an unconventional angle on the Czech cuisine. In a charming building in Prague’s Kampa district, you will find an explosion of taste through crafted delicacies that emphasize honesty and fresh ingredients. The menu offers a careful selection of our own recipes and great desserts created under the masterchef Mirek Kalina. The unique atmosphere of our bistro is underlined by a professional selection of wines from around the world.


“I like to pamper my guests. That’s why they enjoy honest luxury on the plate and in the glass without pretentious gestures. We focus on the delicate combination of wine and food, which can be enjoyed by an experienced gourmet, a wine lover, but also anyone who wants to experience something spectacular. Come visit us to get a taste of our collection of wines from Champagne and other famous French regions.”

Miroslav Kalina

When it comes to gastronomy, I like diversity and new approaches. In addition to my ”classic” Kalina Anežka restaurant in the National Gallery, I wanted to offer something a little out of the ordinary to my guests. Similarly to today’s fashion of sneakers being commonly worn with a suit, Kalina Kampa is my personal expression with a refreshing exceptionality that’s down to earth. I call this the New Prague Cuisine, a term now widespread in the area.