Restaurant Kalina Kampa s.r.o. is closed due to reconstruction
from 17.02.2020-06.03.2020.

When you think of a “bistro”, hardly anyone would imagine a  unique gastronomic experience from the hands of experienced chefs. Despite that, or perhaps because of that, the renown chef Mirek Kalina decided to open a space that offers unusual and modern combinations. A space where you will enjoy the interior design of a modern bistro and a breathtaking view of the Charles Bridge that offers an unconventional angle on the Czech cuisine. In a charming building in Prague’s Kampa district, you will find an explosion of taste through crafted delicacies that emphasize honesty and fresh ingredients. The menu offers a careful selection of our own recipes and great desserts created under the masterchef Mirek Kalina. The unique atmosphere of our bistro is underlined by a professional selection of wines from around the world.